About the Characters

ChickensCrimson and Clover are two urban chickens living the good life at the yellow cottage. They spend their days pecking away in the yard, creating great compost for gardening and roosting on the windowsill at night. They particularly like the leftover fruits and veggies that come out of the garden just for them.


These girls love to hang out in the sun and lay eggs. They make the egg-hunt fun by leaving eggs in strange places: behind bushes, in flower-boxes, even in the dog house!


Clover is a black Australorp chicken. Crimson is a Rhode Island Red.



Sean the Dog

Sean Connery is a black Labrador dog who also lives at the yellow cottage. He spends his days watching over his friends, Crimson and Clover. His favorite activities include playing fetch, long walks, car rides and swimming in the Puget Sound.