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The Chicken and the DogAbout the Books

The Chicken and the Dog was inspired by the true story of Crimson and Clover, the chickens and Sean Connery, the dog who live in a little yellow cottage in Olympia, WA.


It is a fun-filled adventure that follows the adventures of the chicken and the dog as they outwit a gang of wily neighborhood raccoons.


This story was inspired by a raccoon attack on the author’s chicken coop, where their beloved Rhode Island Red chicken, Crimson was taken in the night. Amanda and Andre wanted to write a happier ending for their chickens, and added a little help from their friend, Sean the dog.


You can read a preview of the book here. Read some press about the project here.


Find out more about the charactersauthors and the illustrator.


The Great Chicken CaperOur new book The Great Chicken Caper follows Crimson, Clover and Sean the Dog as they fight to save their new friends from a gang of wily raccoons. Read the preview here.


In the fight for justice, the chickens will cross the road.



Book Reviews:

Pet Connection Magazine

“It is a must-have book to read-aloud to toddlers and preschoolers. With urban/backyard farming on the rise, their story is perfectly timed and captured. It also has a poignant ‘back-story:’ Andre and Amanda lost one of their cherished hens to raccoons, and, in grieving, saw a unique way to honor their departed hen, Crimson, in allowing her to live on in ‘The Chicken and the Dog.’ Humorous and uplifting, I fell in love with ‘Sean,’ the dog-star of this book. Based on the author’s big black lab, ‘Sean Connery,’ I already am hoping for sequels! Treat yourself to a copy.”

- Book Review by Halina Kiljanczyk, August 2012